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Dallaswear Uniform | XgenTech

For over 20 years Dallaswear Uniforms has designed some of the most iconic uniforms in the industry.  From the Laker Girls to the Atlanta Falcons, their uniforms can be seen on beautiful Pro Cheerleaders in the NFL, NBA, NHL and many college and semi-pro leagues. They are popular in the market for offering the best fitting uniforms and delivering orders at the right time.

XgenTech worked with Dallaswear Uniforms to help them customize their product pages to enable shoppers to choose from the various options available using Bold Product Options App.

In addition to customizing product pages for the brand, our Shopify custom code development experts also worked at customizing their cart page.

The customizations of the product and the cart page with Shopify custom code development enabled the brand to offer a seamless shopping experience to its customers, and increase their on-site conversions by manifolds.

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