Shopify Design Breakdown: How we turned Yogamere’s blog-like site into a gorgeous Shopify store

By June 30, 2020 July 3rd, 2020 Shopify Design

Yogamere is a lifestyle wellness brand that sells a collection of exquisite essentials for yoga, meditation, fitness, and relaxation that flow with your lifestyle.  Designed with naturally luxurious materials, the brand positions itself as a gentle and caring personality. 

We helped Yogamere redesign their Shopify store to deliver this brand experience to shoppers while showcasing the different things they had to offer.

Why Yogamere Decided to Redesign their Shopify Store

When Yogamere set up their site, many visitors assumed it was a lifestyle blog that displayed its personal collections. As a result, it was hard to sell their products. 

With the redesign, Yogamere could position itself as a lifestyle wellness store and blog, allowing them to place importance in both their products and their journal. 

Dos and Don’ts of a Shopify Store Design for a Lifestyle Wellness Brand

1. Highlight every USP of your store

Yogamere has a lovely collection of products as well as an engaging journal that their visitors love reading. We helped the brand highlight both these USPs of the brand.

On their storefront, we showcased their product collections, providing easy access for shoppers looking for specific types of items. When visitors scroll, they can view a few pieces from Yogamere’s journal. With both their best offerings on the storefront, new visitors can understand exactly what the brand is like while repeat visitors can quickly head to the experience they are looking for.

2. Make your products the highlight

Yogamere’s products are unique, designed, and manufactured by them. We ensured that the products were the focal image on their product page by placing the images at the front and center.

These images were also taken from different angles, allowing shoppers to see the product, its texture, and its use. Moreover, the products can be zoomed in at hover, allowing shoppers to look at it in detail.

3. Create a lookbook 

Shoppers want a feel of your products. This is where a lookbook comes in place. A lookbook on your Shopify store allows shoppers to browse through the different ways that your products are used. This gives them a sense of the vibe your products create, tempting them to get these products for themselves!

4. Display your social presence on Instagram

One of the most important features that many stores miss out on adding to their store is displaying their social presence. Adding your Instagram feed on your store can change how store visitors perceive your brand. Instagram is an indicator of your brand’s popularity. 

With the feed embedded on your Shopify store, shoppers will be able to see how you present yourself online.

5. Show your best products 

When a visitor first lands on your store, they may take time before they start browsing products. However, you need to put your products in front of the shopper so that you have a chance at converting them. 

We placed a ‘Bestseller’ product recommendation widget on the storefront to nudge visitors to check out the best products that the brand had to offer them. This widget helps the brand lower drop-offs.

6. Cart drawer for a seamless checkout

If your products don’t have too many details, like sizing, color, etc, a cart drawer is the best way to cut short the checkout time and help shoppers quickly take the product from their cart to a confirmed order. 

On Yogamere’s site, you will see that the cart drawer is simple, providing a small message about their shipping costs and taxes. Shoppers can also add an order note and give further instructions. All this is done without the shopper having to load another page.

7. Add character even on your collection pages

Many stores set up collection pages as a simple catalog of products. Yogamere has a minimal design on their store but a few special touches gives their online presence more character. 

Every collection page has a header that displays how the item is used by customers and add a fun tagline. This small design element on each collection page makes the experience of browsing their products all the more fun for shoppers!

shopify store designReady to set up a Shopify store design that converts shoppers?

We hope these best practices help you design a Shopify store design that wows your shoppers, increases engagement, and converts them. Our team of design experts believes in providing an honest experience of the brand through the online store. Specialized in setting up eCommerce stores, our team helps merchants across the globe to transform their ideas into reality.

Need help in setting up your store design? Reach out to us on info@xgentech.net

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