Why Does Your Shopify Store Need a COVID Response and Hygiene Page to Build Credibility

Due to the coronavirus, shoppers have gotten more concerned about safety and hygiene. Shoppers are paying attention to a brand’s hygiene and how they are preparing and managing their production, packing, and delivery despite COVID. This is where a COVID Response and Hygiene page can help your brand.

In this blog, we’ll dive into what a COVID Response and Hygiene Page is and why you need it.

What is a COVID Response and Hygiene Page on a Shopify Store?

A hygiene page is a page that informs the shopper about the health measures taken by your brand to stay safe. The page goes into detail about:

  • New manufacturing processes
  • How factories operate to maintain cleanliness 
  • Any certificates you have to prove your hygiene

This is created to assure shoppers that they don’t need to worry about hygiene standards so that they can go ahead and make a purchase without worrying.

A COVID Response page informs your shoppers about how COVID is affecting your business and what measures you are taking to manage it. You can use this section to inform shoppers about a few details:

  • How your brand is functioning
  • If the production of any products have been stalled
  • How your factories are adapting

This page should be updated regularly so that your shoppers are kept up to date about changing measures.

Since hygiene and the current COVID issue are interconnected, it’s best to put the information about your hygiene and COVID Response should be on the same page. 

Why Do You Need a COVID Response and Hygiene Page?

One of the most important priorities for shoppers these days is shopping health consciously. As COVID-19 has massively impacted consumers and the way they shop and this has also changed how shoppers choose the brand they want to shop from.

Shoppers prefer a hygienic brand that has taken strict safety measures for their products over a brand whose products they love but that hasn’t convinced them of their health standards.

With a COVID Response and Hygiene page, you can easily provide shoppers all the information they need to trust your products. With such a page, you can show the measures you are taking, how your products are handled, and provide images of how the products are manufactured. Shoppers will see you as a credible brand to shop from, making them feel more confident to shop from you. 

7 Elements to Add to Your Shopify Store’s COVID Response and Hygiene Page

When setting up your COVID Response and Hygiene Page, you may be confused on how to structure it. To help you, here are 7 elements that you can consider adding to the page:

1. COVID Measures

Let your shoppers know what measures you are taking due to COVID. List how you are navigating through this tough time. With this, you can make shoppers empathize with your brand and make them connect with you better.

Such transparency can also help you assure your shoppers about your precautions so that they choose to shop from you over your competitors.

Nestlé has a dedicated page about how they are responding to COVID-19. They outlined any new measures they have and guaranteed safety.

Another brand, Svenklas, listed the different measures in a straightforward manner, going into each vertical of their production process and how they are keeping safe in every step.

2. Your approach to hygiene

Brief shoppers about the health and safety measures taken by you and your employees to manufacture, produce, store, pack, and deliver the products they shop from you.

Such a section is a must-have so that your shoppers are in the know about your processes and don’t hesitate to shop from you.

Nestlé has a page that talks about how they ensure food safety. It shows how they source materials and the steps they take to make their products safe to consume. Such a page is especially important for food and drink brands.

3. Images from your factories

Pictures speak louder than words. Show your shoppers the measures you are taking with an image right from the factory floor. Show the measures your employees are taking— from sanitization to PPE.

Here’s an image from the factories of A Good Company. As you can see, the image shows their employee wearing a hairnet and gloves, proving their safety standards.

4. Details about your factories

Provide transparency about your factories by including information about how each factory is functioning. This is especially important if your factories are scattered across the country/world and are within different containment zones.

The Reformation has put up an easy guide about their factories and whether they have any production halts. 

5. Testimonials from your Quality Manager

Give shoppers information straight from your quality manager. Add a section that quotes your quality manager on the measures you have taken along with a picture of the manager. This can help you humanize your brand and show that there is a person specifically in charge of keeping the products hygienic.

Top Choice Poultry, a poultry brand in Denmark, had their quality department manager speak about the quality of their production process so that shoppers can get an assurance of the products and their safety. 

6. Health Certifications

Give your shoppers proof of your health and hygiene standards by showing the certifications you have acquired from health experts. 

Top Choice Poultry named the health standards they follow so that shoppers know that they are credible and a safe choice for their poultry needs.

You can also display these health standards as badges to make it more visually appealing. Here’s an example from Chobani on how they show their sustainability through badges on their website. You can easily recreate such a section but with health badges and logos.

7. Answer common questions

Add an FAQ section within the page to clear any questions that your shoppers usually have. This can include product availability, charities you are supporting, shipping delays, etc. Here are a few questions you can address:

  • Can the products be contaminated?
  • How are the factories operating?
  • Are there any shipping delays?

Nestlé’s COVID response includes a section of questions that they have addressed so that their shoppers are informed about their measures and feel more confident to shop from them.

Template for a COVID Response and Hygiene Page

Here’s an easy template you can replicate and customize for your store. Include details about your measures and add more information based on additional processes you have. This is a skeletal template, only for reference. 


Our Response to COVID 

During this time, we understand the need for our products to help you live healthier. However, we also recognize the consequences of COVID. Due to this, we have measures in place to guarantee that our employees are in good health.

  • Regular temperature checks at the start and end of every shift.
  • Factory timings have been reduced to help factory employees cope with changes.
  • Methodical hand washing and proper PPE available for our workers.
  • Front office employees are working from home to minimize unnecessary contact.
  • All factory employees stay 6 feet apart.

(Include images of your factory and workers here)

How we ensure product safety

We ensure that the products that reach you have been handled with good care.

Factories are cleaned and sanitized twice a day.

Factory workers thoroughly wash their hands and wear PPE before handling products.

Products are stored in a separate, sanitized room.

Products are sanitized before they are packed. 

Delivery executives follow a thorough hygiene check before picking up packages.

Health Certifications

Due to our hygiene-first approach, we have been certified by top health authorities in the country.

Health Badge 1 Health Badge 2 Health Badge 3


Is there any risk of products being contaminated?
No, the transit time for our products from our manufacturer to you is, at minimum, 6 weeks. This is far beyond the lifetime of the virus on surfaces, according to WHO. 

What is the situation in the factories?
Our manufacturing unit has implemented all precautionary measures like disinfection, personal distance, staggered breaks, masks, and gloves to make sure workers are safe. We are in daily communication with their team and are monitoring the situation closely to ensure the safety of all workers.

Will I get my order on time?
Yes, our shipping services have resumed except for containment zones in-line with the local guidelines of your area. For cities in red zones, expect a slight delay in shipments subject to restrictions placed by local authorities.

Set up a COVID Response and Hygiene Page now!

We hope this guide helped you understand the need for such a page and how you can set it up instantly. 

With a COVID Response and Hygiene page, you can build your credibility especially during a time when shoppers want more information about product hygiene before they shop the item.

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